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HT3301 wireless alarm system
    • Built-in keypad, LED indicator of zone status.
    • 8 wireless zones, add wireless accessories by automatic code pairing, 3 wireless sensors can be learned by each zone.
    • 10 seconds pre-recorded alarm message that will be repeated when alarming.
    • Each zone can be set as Bypassing, Burglary, Fire, Gases, Emergency or Chime mode.
    • Automatically dial 8 predefined telephone numbers; have the priority to dial line when an alarm occurs and deliver alarm messages in time.
    • Bidirectional remote control of arming, disarming, audio monitoring, calling and sounding the alarm from any off-site telephone/mobile.
    • Quick button of arming away, arming stay, disarming and personal emergency.
    • Automatic switch of AC power and backup batteries.
    • Network alarm communications formats supported: Huatong Contact ID Protocol and Ademco ? Contact ID Protocol.
报警通讯方式: 通过电话网(PSTN )拨号传送报警信号 主机电源: 电源适配器 AC12V/400mA
报警通讯协议: HuatongID、安定宝CID 备用电源: 6V 镍氢可充电电池(选购件)
防区数量: 8个无线防区,自动学习对码,每个防区可学习3个探测器 待机电流: ≤ 28mA
无线扩展: 共可扩展 38 个无线配件 ( 包括无线遥控器 ) 报警电流: ≤500mA
无线频率: 315MHz 警号电源:
存储报警电话: 8组报警电话号码 适合温度: -20至50℃
报警语音预录: 10秒 适合湿度: 40%至80%
内置喇叭声响: 110dB 安装方式: 壁挂式或嵌入式
布/撤防方式: 主机一键布撤防、遥控器、异地电话远程遥控 主机材料: ABS树脂工程塑料
编程方式: 主机键盘编程、远程编程 主机尺寸: 159mm×100mm×33mm(长×高×宽)
远程控制: 远程电话接警、布防、撤防、启动警号、监听、喊话、复位 主机重量: 0.4kg
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